10 Ways to Display a Blog on Google

Google search engines like Google are considered as black boxes that issue search rankings for web and blogs based on secret and mysterious calculations. Essent this is true. Many experts try to increase their knowledge about search engines.

10 Ways to Display a Blog on Google

Some use SEO expert services to outsmart Google so that their web is ranked high in search results. This is done through tactics so that the ranking of posts is higher in Google search engines known as "Black Hat SEO." Black Hat SEO is done to try to fool Google. Google itself does not like this activity and constantly increases its algorithm to eliminate this practice.

Google's purpose is to ensure always giving relevant, interesting, and timely search results. If they don't continue to do this then people will stop using Google, then their entry will be threatened. In addition, if Google does not continue to do this, its existence will decrease. In the last 2 years, Google has increased the importance of web speed and sites that produce unique content.

Tactics so that the rank of posts is higher in Google search engines by creating unique content

Google likes very unique content. Improving content quality has become a marketing tool for more than a few years. People use the web to find information, that's why Google provides high value on unique content. Creating good content that is widely shared like a video, blog post, and ebook also has a large advantage side. The advantage is that people will give a link to your web or blog and Google does a search calculation when more backlinks are made to your blog and web from other websites. This is where the off-site optimization tactics begin and need to be included in your SEO strategy.

Off-page optimization and the importance of backlinks

SEO experts generally agree that the link-off page builds a technique that contributes around 80 percent to the effectiveness of SEO campaigns. Page optimization is an important activity to help the web we are in a good ranking in search engines. And the key to achieving this is a backlink ad.

A link or backlink is the link you use to bring the reader to another page. Backlinks are very important because backlinks apply like voting for your page and tell the search engine if another web likes information on your page. The more webs have links or voting to your web, the higher your web ranking. Even so, not all voting applies the same, because the link from a large website homepage like Amazon.com or Facebook.com will be of greater value compared to a website that is less well-known.

The best way to encourage people to link to your web is to consistently provide new and useful content. Creating relevant and useful content such as writing about your products or industry and the latest market information with keywords that are useful for content will make your web exceed any factors discussed here.

After Google Penguin updates, post-quality content posts are the recommended method for getting more traffic to your web. Ideally, you need to post at least 2 new articles per week, more will be better because Google likes the web with frequent material updates that contain unique and relevant content. And if your web offers good content, other webs will naturally want to link to your web. When posting articles, don't forget to apply some phrase principles, keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions of your article.

Competition analysis

If you feel you can't get a lot of links from big sites, there is still an easy way to build a link that you can try. Start with a link-building campaign with competition analysis. What you want is to repeat what competitors do, because one key principle of building links is to equalize the position and beyond your competitor. This means that if you adjust all the competitors' links have and find several other ways to get additional links that they don't have, you can easily surpass them in rankings in search results.

Guest blogging

Another way to carry out a successful link-building campaign is through guest blogging. The big idea behind guest blogging is to get a link on the web posted to the web or blog that has been published. This link tends to be more valuable for Google because it is more difficult to obtain. Some sites have more difficult requirements for the types of articles they receive, so the link from this site has a greater value.

Other methods that are popular and quite successful are contact bloggers or webmasters in your niche and ask for links from them or become a blogger guest to get the chance to have a blog posted link blog to return to your site. Build relationships with reviews, authors, or various parties that operate the web in your niche area, either through social networking or message board also so positive ways to build a network that is likely to give your web reference to their content.

Join the Web 2.0

Joining the Web 2.0 site so a good method for developing friendly links for search engines. If you are not familiar with this name, Web 2.0 is a term used to describe websites that have social networking components. Sites like Squidoo, StumbleUpon, and Delicious use most content from their site users. This type of page facilitates interactive and collaborative information sharing, where you can add articles and include up to 9 free backlinks per article to your website. But don't duplicate your existing articles to the web and use it for Squidoo or Hubpage, because search engines filter content in this way.

The best way to build links and creating strong SEO benefits through Squidoo.com is to create unique content that focuses on your keyword. Always use various multimedia such as videos or images to get more thrust and authority faster. It only takes several articles until you can add many backlinks in your article to the main site.

Testimonials from vendors and partners

Always give online testimonials to suppliers, business partners, or anyone you can give testimonials because this is a good way to get a free backlink from a good web. Don't forget to include your keywords in Testimonials and Hyperlinks back to the appropriate webpage of your website.

Request Link to Supplier, Distributor, and so on

Make the network a source to build more links. Business Contacts, Suppliers, Distributors, Family Members, and friends have the potential to give you backlinks. When you behave well on them and they like you, ask for free backlinks on their web. Of course, the higher the page rank or web relevance that you can ask for links, it will be better. If you can get a strong and valuable link from the web like Edu.com, it will be very useful for your SEO.

Title Tags and Keywords

Title tags are used by search engines to display pages in search results and display them at the top of the browser. This tag tells user information about your page. Google only shows 50 to 60 characters in the title tag, therefore it is important to give a short but clear and relevant explanation.

Keyword placement throughout the site will be an important tactic in SEO. It is important to consider how someone will look for the specific service or product information that you have to offer because the keywords they use are likely to be the keyword you want to use. But make sure you don't add the number of keywords, especially if it's not related because this can make your site considered spam. Search engines are programmed to ignore the excessive keyword.

Alt Tags and Site Map

Each picture and video that you have on the site can have a description in the form of a word. This is known for the text alternative description. This description makes a search engine placing your page based on the keyword found in the image and description of your video, as well as text throughout your site. This will increase the opportunity of your site to be found, which will later increase page rank.

While a sitemap makes the search engine put your page quickly and with more relevant searches. With the Map site, each page is easier to find either by search engines and users.

Mobile site and URL structure

Nearly 40 percent of traffic comes from mobile devices in 2015. Websites that are easily accessible on mobile devices will have a higher ranking in Google search engines. Google tries to provide the best experience for its service users, so the better the user experience on your site, it will be better your ranking on Google.

Do you know? The URL is the first thing that search engines use to determine the page rank, and this is important to make it easy to find. This can be done using a short URL, making it relevant to the topic and keyword page, and ensure the URL helps categorize the site page.

You will not know that all the hard work of the SEO you have done successfully unless you continue to monitor it. Watch the page rank through tools such as Alexa and Google Toolbar. It is also important to know how visitors arrive on your page and the search terms they use to arrive at your web.

Google continues to make changes to how search engines analyze and rank websites and pages. But there is a proven way to help you get a higher rank and for a long time. More important than all is to produce quality content that is considered to be top ranking in search engines.

There are more tactics so that the ranking of posts is higher in Google search engines that can help you compete and defeat competitors in search engine rankings. The above-mentioned is the basic strategy that helps you build a strong foundation and start doing SEO, which helps you increase web traffic and search engine rankings.