Attract Readers and Make Them Feel at Home on Your Blog

There is one problem that is commonly experienced by beginner bloggers, namely lonely readers. It can be understood why interesting readers feel heavy-duty if you compare your blog which is as long as corn with a long-standing website. But there are some things you can do to attract readers and drain traffic to the blog. You only need a little hard work for the first few weeks but this paves the way for all your posts in the future.

Attract Readers and Make Them Feel at Home on Your Blog

So that your blog is a crowded reader

For those of you who are trying to solve an empty blog population problem, here are some steps you can do:

Focus on your SEO

Search Engine Optimization into one of the many common terms for bloggers. By optimizing blogs through search engines like Google, Bing, and so on, you effectively let the internet find you. Although new readers can find you through other means through word of mouth, often, search engines are more likely to be your friends in finding a large audience.

Create a backlink to your blog several times. What you want is to increase the possibility of anyone finding you after making sure the blogging identity is seen in a potential audience place.

Leave your website link on a popular social site to invite communities to your blog. Although not all of your links will get a good rating or response as you would expect. But you have increased visibility for your content.

Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics to a blog will help you understand more about your site's traffic. Analytics can tell you when the site receives the most traffic, how often people visit it, how long they spend on the web, and the possibility they go from the website if your content is not interesting enough.

Learning these various metrics will help you decorate blogs into an interesting format that makes readers at home for longer. You also need to monitor analytics to find out who makes a link to your blog, and where most of your traffic comes from. For example, you can know that most of your audience comes from Twitter. Therefore you can make notifications for followers on Twitter every time you publish a new blog post to use this traffic source.

Social Networking

Using Google+ so one easiest and fast way to optimize the blog for search. Sign-in at this service allows you to edit links to profiles that google associated as your brand or identity online, which effectively makes you search for search rankings when potential readers looking for you.

Besides Google+, Twitter is another amazing tool where you can do promotions and your blog links are seen by several thousand potential readers. Edit your blog link to the profile on Twitter or do a tweet every time there is a new post to remind the follower of your new content, then give a follower link directly to the new post. You can also use Twitter as separate feedback that makes you closer to the reader in real-time.

You can do the same on Facebook, Tumblr, or other sites. Even your email signature needs to contain a link to your blog. Constantly giving a backlink to the blog and approaching a follower on various social platforms, you not only increase the likelihood of your site being selected by search engines but also make your blog more visible for potential readers.

Maybe it seems to impose to promote your posts to friends, but for most new bloggers, friends and family become natural news spreaders for what you do, and actually, they are the starting tool to spread to the world about your blog. Always promote your blog wherever there is a chance.

Online community

Assuming your blog has a specific niche, you are more likely to get loyal followers by networking with those who have similar interests. Online Community and Forum, For example, so it's a good way to introduce yourself.

Leave a link to your blog and make a backlink to various areas that you know online to get internet credibility. By making yourself more "available" and easy to know, you mean it offers a form of transparency to many new readers. Readers will be more likely to consider your work interesting and relevant when they connect it to your voice as a writer or creator of content.

You can involve yourself in all communities that you consider relevant to your blog, and make a backlink to the category in the blog depending on the community participating in it.

If your blog consists of mixed topics, with each reader in each category. By grouping posts into parts such as technology, video games, shopping, and so on, your readers know exactly where they get the content they want.

When participating in the Video Games forum, your link on the forum will agree to a new reader to the Video Games section on your website, not in the shopping section. In this way, you effectively target the right community by directing readers to content that you hope they like.

If they feel your content is interesting, there is a possibility that they start browsing other areas of your website and finding there are more interesting parts other than the video games section, then they start calling your other content. This way you slowly introduce new readers to your work in a subtle way.

Obey the post schedule

One of the first things that people are looking for when visiting a blog for the first time is the date of the latest posts. If the last post is about 2 months ago, the reader will not return to checking new content. Even if you limit one post every week or twice a month, create a regular schedule to show you committed to what you do. After people know your blog is a source of certain topics updated regularly, they will continue to return if they like what they read.


The contest is an easy way to attract the new reader's attention. You may not get quality readers by holding a contest, but you will experience a temporary increase in traffic and receive more visibility.

Although new visits from those interested in your contest may not always come back to your blog to read your post, at least you have recorded your presence as a new source of content in their minds.

The fun, those who enter the contest may be interested in your blog material and take the time to browse your entire site. From here, just a matter of time changes them from people who are just browsing, being people who remain consistent coming to your blog.

Create a sense of having

Talk directly to your readers. They want to be considered part of your blog, and by talking directly to them in writing, you build loyalty and familiarity. By involving readers in your work and directing them to comments or old jokes that are only understood by most loyal followers, your blog will have an established audience and community.

Although this can potentially make new readers go, also encourage existing audiences to remain loyal. Your exclusivity often encourages new readers to last longer and foster the same sense of loyalty that you have formed with old audiences.


When setting up a new and old blog, understanding reader feedback is important for success in blogging. This method helps close readers and gives them media to be able to interact with the author or brain behind the posts they comment on. Also gives the impression you want to hear what they say and it should be so if you want to get a faithful reader.

By talking to readers through comments and feedback, you build a sense of community where your audience feels so part of your blog. Involve the purpose possible reader in directing your blog because their feedback is important for your progress.

Of course, this does not mean you let the reader control the way you post or how you do it. After all, this is your blog, and it's important to keep your own identity and voice it when creating content.

You also need to leave comments on other professional industrial blogs or at least on blogs with the same niche. Recognize established blogger communities and find out what makes their readers feel at home and take what you have learned and apply it to your blog.

Easy to share content

When you make this task easy, the possibility of people will do it. The same applies to blog content. If you want people to share content on their network, make them easy to do it through the Sharing button. You can end the blog post with the Sharing button. That way, when people read content, the next step is to share it.

The share button allows readers to share blog content by simply clicking the button. Adding a button like this for social media and email can increase traffic to your blog.

Content quality is the key

No matter how many eyes are on your blog, a long-term potential reader will disappear if you lack quality content. Always use quality content, both in the form of images, writing, or illustrations.

When writing, do editing repeatedly until you feel your work is perfect, it has been beautified, and is presented in a very sweet way. Quality content will not be timeless by time and memory.

Measure yourself to competitors. When you see something unique and original that your competitors have and get good feedback, you can do the same thing but in a much better way. Bloggers and entrepreneurs constantly repeat other good ideas and distill them to create a perfect product. Do the same thing on blog content to make it attractive to the reader and make them feel at home on your blog.