Build Quality Backlinks on Your Website

Backlinks become an important element for each successful SEO. Backlinks are made when an external website gives a link to your website. This link is part of the ranking order. Before entering the link-building strategy, you need to make sure your site is ready for backlinks. The following guidelines will teach you how to build a backlink.

Build Quality Backlinks on Your Website

Build fewer backlinks but with better results

Two facts about link acquisition; Expensive and eating time. To overcome these two problems you need to do:

  • You have technical optimized sites
  • You have a strong site architecture
  • You must have quality content

Fix all technical errors before acquiring the link. Technical errors damage user experience. When the user experience is disrupted, Google limits your organic traffic growth. The first thing you need to do is avoid speeding in this process. Seo is like a puzzle. You cannot complete the puzzle without having all the parts. Ensuring your site is technically elected to be an important part of the SEO puzzle.

The following is a technical problem that you need to find:

  • Loading Speed Site (Use Google's PageSpeed Insights)
  • Mobile Friendliness (Use Google's Mobile-Friendly Check)
  • Duplicate Content (Use Siteliner)
  • 302 Redirect
  • Redirect Chain
  • 404 Error
  • Canonical Errors.
  • Duplicate Meta Data
  • Directive use is not right.

You can use Screaming Frog Seo Spider to find most of these problems such as 302 redirects, redirect chains, 404 errors, canonical errors, duplicate metadata, and inappropriate directive use.

Create strong site architecture

The site architecture is how the Equitas Link is distributed on your site. The better the site architecture, the less the backlink you need. When applying an SEO content-driven approach, you can use Reverse Silo. A good reverse silo will be the most natural way to build site authorities.

Generate quality content

Content is the most important part of the SEO puzzle. Content strategies can increase or damage SEO campaigns. No matter how many SEO backlinks you get. No matter how well you optimize SEO. The appearance of SEO will slowly fail if you don't take care of content seriously.

Content is very important. You don't need to be a perfectionist, but don't make garbage content. As trash in the real sense, garbage content will be sent to disposal and will not be seen by anyone. Your content will determine the success of your SEO campaign.

Creating backlinks that cannot be damaged

If you follow these 5 rules, you will see organic traffic sites up every month.

Keep relevance

Relevance is the most important criterion for effective link acquisition. Relevance by Google Based on 3 things:

  • The content theme in general from Linking Domain
  • Content on Linking Pages
  • Backlink relevance to the domain

Make friends with the authority site

The stronger the site, the better the results will be. Because Google no longer updates PageRank, you must rely on metrics from third parties. There is no perfect tool but can still help you. You can analyze opportunities using all available options. Tools used for link analysis include:

  • Ahrefs.
  • Majestic
  • Open Site Explorer.

Focus on real websites

Getting a backlink from the site with real traffic is another way to solidify your web. This is the most difficult backlink to get but also the most valuable. Because you don't know definite traffic data from a site without getting their analytics, you need to use sem rush.

Anchor Text Distribution Carefully

The careless distribution of the Anchor Text can harm you. First, the wrong distribution of anchor text will inhibit the site from ranking. And the aggressive anchor text makes you get a penalty. The majority of your anchor text must be branded or naked link anchors.

Make sure your backlink is in a clean environment

Focus your efforts to get backlinks from sites that have high standards. If they give a link to a scam industry, of course, you don't want your link to be there. Learn each prospective web and find out whether their outbound link is relevant and whether the outbound link goes to a trusted site.

Backlinks that shouldn't be on your site

Certain backlinks may not touch your site. If you decide to use this backlink, the risk of penalty is getting bigger. In addition, there must always be relevance on your site. Almost all links must be relevant but there are several situations where pure relevance is sometimes not a necessity.

You can go to any SEO forum and buy backlinks on a public network. This network often advertises its services as "Private Blog Networks," but this is a lie. After you advertise the network, it is no longer private. Google destroys each website that uses this network. It's easy for Google to find this network because of:

  • There is an excessive number of outbound links (usually 25-50) on the homepage. The homepage on a website that is real will not reach this number.
  • Outbound links are not mutually relevant. Some links go to gambling sites, SEO sites, fitness sites, and others that don't make sense.
  • Content for each thin post (only 250 to 300 words). The algorithm on Google Panda does not like this kind of content.
  • You can run, but can't hide. Some networks tried to block the search for Ahrefs and Majestic. Conversely, the network that does not block searches is likely to be reported to Google because competitors are angry.

Backlinks on the sidebar and footer

Backlinks on the sidebar and footer can function but are also at risk. Standalone links like paid backlinks. Vendors who sell backlinks also sell them to other webs. Most webs are not relevant to you and you don't want your link to be on an irrelevant link. Backlink Sidebar and Footer can destroy the site when you use the anchor text keyword because it will damage the anchor text profile.

Automated Backlink

Generally rules, you need to avoid the Automated Link Building Tool. Some of this software include GSA, Ultimate Demon, and Senuke.

How to Build Site Authority

The higher the authority of your site, the more likely you are to get to rank in the search engine.

Fix damaged external links

Remember, every external link you place on the site can divulge authority. That's why it's important to audit your site to find a damaged external link. This applies both in external links in the content and the comments section.

To find a broken link Use one or all of the following tools:

  • Screaming frog SEO spider
  • Siteliner
  • Google Search Console.
  • Ahrefs.

Link reclamation 404

Link reclamation 404 Enter the top list because this is the easiest. To find all 404 errors on the site, use Google Search Console or Screaming Frog. When you find 404 errors, run pages with a bulk check on ahrefs or majestic.

Find and Fix Chain Redirect

Sometimes the clearest solution is right in front of you. Redirect Chain is another simple problem to be able to increase site authority. By fixing the Redirect Chain you will send the Equitas Link directly to the page. This is more effective than making the Equity Link pass the buffer. Use Screaming Frog Seo Spider to find the Redirect Chain.

Replace 302 to 301

302 Redirect blocks the flow of authority and can steal the authority of your site. Identify all 302 redirects on-site and off-site, then replace them with 301. Once again use screaming frog to find 302.

Now you know how to increase site authority without building a new backlink. Quality backlinks are hard to come by. But there is a smart way to build backlinks and make the web authority give a link to your online business. Here are some of the ways:

Method of Building Broken Link

This method managed to create a one-way backlink. This technique is done by contacting webmasters to report broken links on their websites. At the same time, you recommend another website to replace the link. And of course, you mention your website. Because you help webmasters by reporting broken links, the possibility of backlinks to your website becomes high. So to use this method, look for websites that are relevant to your niche.

Backlink through infographics

Infographics so the most popular method to bring traffic to the web and get valuable backlinks. Infographics are also good because it is easy to understand and distributed. Everyone likes visual data right? That caused infographic requests to increase.

Choose infographics carefully. Each infographic must include a unique and interesting story for your audience. To determine the choice, follow the latest topic trends and see what people are looking for, then create infographics using statistical data.

Take advantage of guest articles

Guest blogging can be an effective way to get a new audience. By publishing articles on other popular websites, your content is in the new Eye reader. Sometimes, it's not just a backlink problem, but about increasing your online reputation or followers of your social media. Guest blogging helps you expand the audience. Even Google accepts guest contributions on the Google Analytics blog.

Observing competitors

If you want to get more organic traffic, know the online marketing strategy run by competitors. You must observe competitors on social media and look for their link-building techniques, as well as the marketing content method.

Build Internal Link

Internal links are key factors to running a successful blog. With a good internal linking structure, you can help users easily navigate the website and enhance the user experience as a whole.

Some tools can automatically create internal links to your blog, especially if you use WordPress, but you need to use it manually. Matt Cutts from Microsoft recommends webmasters about the number of internal links per page below 100, both for the benefit of usability and SEO.

Promote content

Good content will not produce backlinks unless you know how to promote it correctly. You need to send an outreach email to promote your best article.

One of the best strategies to do this is to contact bloggers or websites that hold weekly or monthly meetings. You can use Google, make sure you choose the order to see the search results only from the last week or month.

Write testimonials

The easy method for obtaining quality backlinks is to write testimonials on the web you use. You will only spend a few minutes, and you can get a link from the Web Authority homepage. As long as you become a customer of their products, it's likely that you get a link instead of your testimony.

Getting quality backlinks is sometimes a challenge, but you can easily find the opportunity to build links using the right method. Also need to remember, maintaining backlinks are equally important by building it. So keep keeping the backlink you get by using a tool like monitor backlinks, ahrefs, or majestic.