Product Description is an Important Component of a Product, This is How it is!

While running an online business, both on the online shop website or in Marketplace, there are lots of things you have to do to increase sales. One of them is to write a good product description. The main function of product description is to make it easier for potential consumers to recognize your products and attract and convince them to make a purchase.

Product Description is an Important Component of a Product, This is How it is!

Then, how is the best way to write an interesting product description? Calm down, on this occasion we will give tips on making the right product description.

Understanding of product descriptions is

Product description is a set of information that explains your product. Some examples of information on product descriptions are product specifications, how to use products, excess products, etc.

The main benefit of product description is to be able to introduce your product more specifically. As for buyers, the benefits of product descriptions are making it easier for them to consider the purchase of the product.

How to write an interesting product description

1. Recognize your consumer's target

The first way you have to do in writing product descriptions is to recognize your target consumer or target your customers.

You can start this way by understanding the Persona buyer, or find out the consumer character. These characters include their interest, what products they need, how often they are in visiting your business or social media website, and much more.

In addition, you must also be able to use the right language style to be able to establish good communication with them. Generally, language style that can be adjusted to the age of prospective consumers, sense of humor, or brand image brand for your prospective customers.

In addition to language style, you can also display important information related to excellence or product features that you offer on buyers.

2. Focus on product benefits

If you already know whose target of your consumer is, then the second way in writing descriptions is to focus on product benefits.

However, most sellers focus more in explaining product features than product benefits. Even though in reality, product benefits and features are two different sense. Consumers more often care about product features. They only care about the benefits they will get when buying the product.

So, what is the difference between product benefits and features? Product features are every thing you have by your product. While the benefits are every thing that will be obtained by consumers when they use or consume your product.

3. Give an emotional touch

The next way in writing product description is to give an emotional touch. Generally, interesting product descriptions do not only contain features, specifications, and product benefits only. But it also contains emotional sentences in order to provide more impressions to prospective consumers.

Well, Story Telling is one way you can do in giving a touching message in the product description. You can also make a product description using a little poetic sentence.

By using this unique technique, you will be easier to establish relationships with your customers emotionally. This way is even more effective in attracting prospective buyers than to explain the features or product specifications.

4. Use natural language

When the product description sentence you make read, check the intonation of the sentence, is it quite friendly and good to read, or even seem more rigid like a robot is talking?

If it still feels stiff, try to re-edit the vocabulary and tone language of your writing. Just like when writing a touch of emotion in the previous point, the use of language and tone writing that is readable will make it easier for your brand to connect with prospective consumers.

So how do you do it? The trick is to use languages that are easier to digest prospective buyers. As much as possible, avoid the use of language or explanation that is convoluted so that every audience you do not feel bored. In addition, don't forget to provide persuasive sentences or invitation sentences to the audiences to make them more convincing them to buy.

5. Use more varied vocabulary

When writing a product description, you are indeed more recommended to use vocabulary and language that is easier to understand. But, don't make it a reason for you to make a monotonous product description and use the word that it alone.

In addition, you can also add idiom sentences to be able to support the text of the product description to be more selling in the eyes of prospective customers.

6. Make sure the product description is easy to skimming

Based on the official website of Nielsen Norman Group, reporting that visitors will only read as many as 16 percent of the sentences found on the website page.

Afterwards, they generally will only skimming the writing and will read the information they need. For that, you must be able to make a text description as effective as possible.

Some ways you can do to make the text easier on skimming product descriptions are:

  • Using different text sizes between the title and description. Choose a font size larger on the title and a smaller font size on a sentence of the paragraph.
  • Make paragraph short as possible. Make paragraphs briefly and give space or white space between the first paragraph with the following paragraphs.
  • Use a numbering or bullet points. Explain the features or specifications of the product using a numbering or bullet point format in order to clarify the description at each point.

7. Use SEO keywords

Another important thing you can do in making a product description is to use SEO keywords. Why? Because this will further facilitate the prospective buyers in finding your product in the search engine. Whether it's when you market the product on your business website or on the Marketplace website.

Wherever your place is marketing the product, both in the marketplace or business website, include always the right keywords and according to your product. Because, it will facilitate the prospective buyers in finding goods products that are suitable for what they need.

There are lots of free keyword research tools that you can use to find the right product keywords. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Google Search Console, Google Trending, and many more.

If you have, try adjusting keywords that are relevant to the product you offer. For example, you sell shoes, now you can use keywords such as "the latest men's shoes", "cheap sneakers" shoes, "sports shoes", and others. But, you still have to keep sure the results of your product description look more natural, and stay good to read.


Most businessmen today are very often do not care about the important role of descriptions when selling their products online. In fact, product descriptions are one of the main weapons that can convince prospective buyers when they want to buy your product.

Above we have discussed together about tips on making the right product description and able to attract prospective buyers. The trick to get to know the target consumers first, explain the benefits of the product than the product features, make more emotional sentences and use SEO keywords.

In addition, trying as much as possible to make a product description that is short, solid, and clear, and write the quality of the product honestly, don't be exaggerated.

If you want more success in running an online business, another thing you have to do is manage your business financially and record financial statements accurately.