How to Make Money From the Easiest and Legit Playstore

Do you know how to make money from Playstore? If you don't know, this time we will provide a way to make money from the Playstore for you.

How to Make Money From the Easiest and Legit Playstore

For Android smartphone users, Play Store is a warehouse of various applications, ranging from games, social media, video editors, and various other applications. But, you can get money from Playstore.

So how do you do it? Find the answer by reading the article How to Make Money from Playstore below.

10 ways to make money from the Playstore that you can do

1. Become an application developer

How to make money from the Playstore you can do by becoming a developer or developer of an application. If you have expertise in the field of programming and create an application, it doesn't hurt to try this way.

Why? Because the number of active users of Android smartphones that are almost billions around the world makes downloading applications on PlayStore to be very promising for various application developers. You can make applications for free or paid.

For free types of applications, you can get money from AdSense. Before you release the application you have created on the PlayStore, install the ad for the application first. So, when each user has installed your application, you can get money from various ads that appear in it.

Then, how can you make an Android application?

Most people will think that making an Android application must be able to master the Android programming language. This is indeed not mistaken if you want to become a pro android application developer. But now, without having to understand the Android programming language, you can create an Android application.

Why? Because today there are a lot of third-party tools that you can use in making Android applications without having to understand the Android programming language. You can use some of these tools easily, just drag n drop, your application has been made.

If you are interested in trying a few tools that are suitable for beginners and want to develop an Android application with limited knowledge of programming languages, you can use several tools below.

  • MIT App Inventor.

The first tool you can use to create an Android application is MIT App Inventor. By using these tools, you only need a drag and drop it to make an application, without having to think about complicated programming languages.

  • Phonegap

The second alternative tools that you can use to create an Android application are Phonegap. This tool is an open-source framework that can help you develop Android applications with a base.

  • Use the online tool

Several tools are online and can create an Android application instantly. You just have to visit various provider sites, then do a little configuration, and later your application has become ready and ready to use.

2. In-App Purchase

In-App Purchase is when an application sells digital products to users. For example, when you play a game, there are several specific types of equipment that you can use in the character of the game. Well, this is what we call In-App Purchase.

The price offered varies, depending on the function or the level of scarcity. For game fans, of course, there will be several other players who purchase items in the application.

3. Do in-app advertising

Applying in-app advertising is the way the developers in making money from the free application they make in the Playstore. With ads installed in the application, then you can get a certain amount of money from Google Adsense.

But when displaying ads, you must make sure the users are not disturbed by the existence of these advertisements.

4. Provide a subscription system in the application

How to make money from the other Playstore is to provide a system called Subscription. For example, when you are downloading a Photo Editor software, then the application provides your choice you can access premium features by subscribing to a monthly or paying a certain amount of fees.

In addition to getting more access, users who will later subscribe to Subscription can also use the application without having to be disturbed by advertising. If an application feels good and useful, then the users will be willing to spend money.

5. Sponsorship

For each application developer, you can get money through a collaborative scheme with various other companies that want the business to be promoted. Generally, this cooperation will be established in the form of displaying characters, images, logos, or various other graphics elements contained in the application.

Every developer will also get paid under the agreement during this campaign or cooperation process.

6. Using money-producing applications

If you don't want to use how to make money from the Playstore above, just calm down. Because there are still other ways to get money from Playstore. One way is to use a money-producing application that you can download from Playstore.

However, you cannot get money only from downloading the application alone. The various applications have a mission that you must complete to get points. Well, this point can you have exchanged with money if it has been collected.

Some examples of money-producing applications are buzz break, Helo, Cashizine, and much more. However, you have to do it seriously, because if you just fad, you won't get the slightest money.

7. Fill out the online survey through the application

There are lots of ways to make money from Playstore. Apart from using money-producing applications, you can also fill online surveys through an application that you can download in Playstore. For those of you who want to get additional finances, then you have to do this way while filling your spare time.

Generally, every company requires opinions from the public regarding its products to be able to innovate. Well, this survey is used to collect wide community opinion for various purposes

Some of them are even willing to pay a certain amount so you want to fill the survey. Some examples of online surveys that you can try are as follows Yougov, Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks, and others.

8. Selling Stock Photos

Next, how to make money from Playstore is to sell photo stock. If you do have a hobby of photographers, then you must try this way.

Out there, there are lots of applications that you can use to sell photos, such as Shutterstock contributors, Getty Images, etc.

The photos you make certainly must have the best quality and resolution. For this reason, try to use your camera, and edit photos to be more maximal. In addition, use a technique in photography, so that the results will be more quality.

9. Play games that make money

Getting money with just playing games is the dream of many people. This is certainly a dream of many people. Every professional gamer can get money from taking part in the competition playing game in which millions in prizes.

10. Make money through social media

You can also use social media as a way of making money from Playstore. Some social media applications such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and the like can you make a wet field in making money.

The way you can do diverse, starting from selling online, being celebrities, influencers, content creators, etc.


Thus a complete explanation of us how to make money from Playstore. There are at least 10 ways to make money from the Playstore that you can follow. However, if you have an idea or another, then you can add or modify it yourself.